Just in time for the 2019 NRA convention, Century Arms / Canik USA announced the release of the Elite Combat Executive. MSRP is $749.99, which is $100 less than the original Elite Combat. However, the Executive will only ship with one plate for an optic, while the EC ships with four. Other plates are available for purchase, depending on the foot print of your red dot of choice.

One definite bonus to many of us, unlike the EC, the Executive has 1/2×28 RH threads. In collaboration with Salient Arms, like the original EC, the speed funnel magazine well and fiber optic sights are the same. The original EC is an outstanding firearm with a phenomenal trigger, no doubt this one won’t disappoint either.

Join us for more Canik discussions on the Canik Fanatik forum or in our Facebook group.

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