Having the Vortex Venom 6moa installed on my TP9 SFx, I wanted to try something different on my Elite Combat. The Sightmark is listed on Amazon for $199, though I did get it for a little cheaper, $172.20, since I purchased around the Christmas season. Installation is straightforward and easy, like any other red dot, and only took a few minutes.

The Sightmark M-Spec is a 3moa red dot, has 10 brightness settings with an auto off after 12 hours, is 100% waterproof and dust proof, has a steel protective shield and boasts a 30,000 hour battery life. It comes packaged with a low riser installed, a high riser that co-witnesses with AR sights, a protective cover, a cleaning cloth and a couple small screw drivers.51jzLaA9aIL._SL1000_CroppedMy initial impressions are favorable, though I only have a couple hundred rounds down range with it so there’s still a lot of testing to do. In the end though, I do not see this sight remaining on my Elite Combat since it’s heavier and larger than my Vortex Venom.1.6oz weight for the Venom compared to the Sightmark which is 2.3oz. After a few more range sessions with the Sightmark on the Elite Combat, I more than likely will move the M-Spec to one of my AR15’s and will see over time how well the M-Spec holds up. So far though it feels like a solid red dot and well made for the price. However, like my Vortex Venom, I do notice a bit of starring at brighter settings, which doesn’t bother me, but can be annoying to some.

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