First impressions after a couple range trips with the newly released Canik Elite Combat is….. awesome! Not surprised at all, given the quality, accuracy and excellent ergonomics of all previous Canik modes, this one is no exception. Based off the very popular TP9SF Elite, the Elite Combat is the next generation in the evolution of the Canik brand. Built from the SF Elite, the Combat has a few upgrades such as a very very nice flat faced trigger, flared mag well, threaded barrel, extended mag release and the option for an Red Dot. Canik USA teamed up with Salient Arms to create this incredible firearm, and in my opinion it’s a home run.


Currently I have about 500 rounds through the firearm after a couple range trips, so it’s barely broken in at this point. But so far, just like any other Canik I own, it’s a pleasure to shoot. Accuracy is excellent right out of the box with the Salient Arms sights, and the trigger is very smooth, with short travel and very clean break at the wall. Reset on the trigger is incredibly short and tactile.

I can’t wait to put more rounds down range and have a full review completed in a few weeks. In the mean time, here’s a video of my first impressions. If you haven’t had a chance to handle an Elite Combat yet, I recommend finding one in stock locally and getting your hands on it. It’s a lot of gun for the money and well worth it in my opinion.



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