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The other day I received my first, but not my last Olight PL MINI. At such a fair price, the Olight has a lot to offer in such a small package. Being a lefty in a right hand world, I appreciate the MINI being ambidextrous. There is an on/off switch on both sides of the Olight near the trigger guard and offers three functions. By pressing on either switch quickly, the light turns on. By pressing it again, the light turns off. If you just want to turn it on momentarily, press and hold. Once you release the switch, the light will go off.I find that reaching the switch with my support hand thumb is easy to do, and just as easy to manipulate the switch.


The Olight features a 400 lumen Cree LED, and is definitely bright enough to handle most tasks. Another feature, or lack there of that I appreciate about the Olight PL MINI is the fact that it only does one thing, and that is illuminate in front of the gun it’s mounted to. I personally don’t care for multi-function lights. I just want the light to turn on and off, I don’t need or want to switch through multiple functions to get to the light. And I absolutely have no need for a strobe function.


Another aspect of the MINI that I really appreciate is the built in rechargeable battery. There’s no need to remove the light when charging, just attached the magnetic mount and that’s it. No need to stock up on yet another unnecessary battery. Also, when charging there is a red light, and once fully charged, the light will turn green.

I’ve used the PL MINI now on two different handguns, a Canik TP9V2 and a CZ P07. I like how it fits on both firearms, and really doesn’t add much weight to the gun. Attachment is easy as it has a quick connect, and can be added or removed in a moments notice. It also comes with two different mounts, one for Glock and one for a standard picatinny rail.

Pictured below is my Canik TP9V2 and CZ P07, both with the MINI attached. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it’s actually very functional. Eventually I will add an Olight Valkyrie to the line up for my full size handguns, but primarily just to compare the two.


I’m really impressed with this little light, and the excellent output it offers. It’s now on my dedicated nightstand gun, and kept close by are the other Olights that I now own.

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Short YouTube vid on the PL-MINI.

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