Just received my TP9V2 back from Applied Arsenal Finishes. They did a fantastic job on the slide. This is the very first Canik I purchased, which launched Canik Fanatik. I’m definitely happy with the quality of work AAF did on the slide, and I’ll be having them do more work in the near future. I’ve always liked the battle worn look, and on this V2 it really stands out from the crowd.

As always, join us for more Canik discussions at the Canik Fanatik Forum.


And of course I couldn’t resist taking a selfie on St. Patrick’s Day wearing my Irish Green CF t-shirt and showing off my newly refinished slide. This is one pistol that I will never part with. It’s been such a phenomenal performer and will be passed down to my daughter someday.


Shout out to Applied Arsenal Finishes. Follow us on YouTube.

One thought on “The First Canik Fanatik Canik

  1. that is just an awesome story , I still have a very very early Tp 9 SA . It will never leave
    my daughters are already arguing who gets it when I move on ..
    – In the will one will get the frame one will get the slide and 3 mags each

    they’ll have to combine forces

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