I decided to resurrect the YouTube channel and start making some videos again. This is a short video of my initial thoughts and comparisons of the TP9V2 vs the DA. Both are double/single action striker fired. I’ve had a love affair with the V2 for a long time now and didn’t think Canik could release a model that could make me rethink my position. However, the DA has really been growing on me and I’m looking forward to running these two guns head to head and really find out which one will ultimately out perform the other.

For more discussions about Canik firearms, join us on the Canik Fanatik Forum.

6 thoughts on “Canik TP9V2 vs DA

  1. Have you tried switching barrels from v2 to the DA? Prepper’s makes a RCM threaded barrel for the V2 that I am interested in if it will fit my DA


      1. Did you get a chance to check the similarities of those barrels? I’m still waiting on Preppers to get their V2 barrels back in stock.

        Hoping they’ll fit the DA

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